Take Up One Idea. Make That One Idea Your Life.

Think Of It, Dream Of It, And Live On That Idea.
Let The Brain, Muscles, Nerves, Every Part Of Your Body, Be Full Of That Idea.

And Just Leave Other Ideas Alone.
This Is The Way To Great Success..!
- Swami Vivekananda

Your Certification Journey Made Easy

Start Your Own Business

Product Type : Coaching & Mentoring
Price : AUD$ 1265
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  • You may have been thinking for a while to start your own Business.
  • Although, you may not have any idea of what business to start?
  • In most cases, you may already have some idea, but not too sure how and from where to start?
  • And in some cases, you may already have started the business, but it didn't work as you expected it to. (Afterall, 8 out of 10 businesses fail)


If you decide to go for this Business Mentoring Program,

  • You will be assigned a dedicated business coach
  • Your coach will help you decide a best competitive business idea
  • From that point, a series of deep dive coaching sessions will help you plan for your business
    • ?You will know each aspect of your business from different angles
    • You will approach your business planning as if you are an MBA
    • You will plan for Margin of Safety
    • You will plan to optimize each foreseen risks in favour of the business
    • You will plan a financially viable business with lower cost structure and improving Returns of Investment
  • Once business started, 6 months of mentoring will be provided to resolve any issues faced
  • A mentoring MS Schedule will be provided

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