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Program Implementation Mentoring & Support

Product Type : Coaching & Mentoring
Price : USD 2500
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If you are a project/program management professional and if you want to implement a structured, methodical and successful program. You can get coached, mentored and supported by our highly professional coaches.

  • A Coach will join you and assist you in,
    • Initiating
    • Planning
    • Delivering
    • Governing &
    • Closing a program
  • This listing covers a program with
    • Maximum 6 months of duration or support
    • Maximum 5 Million of Program Costs &
    • Maximum 20 of program staff
  • A Non Disclosure Agreement will be signed by the coach for your complete privacy
  • All program documents and artifacts you create with help of the Coach will be your own intellactual property. PMI Planet has no right or association with your program. You reserve all rights.
  • Coach will help you each step of the way in implementing a highly professional and successful program.
    • This should significantly make your professional life easier, better and rewarding
    • You may expect to be regarded as one of the best program managers in your organization
    • And you can expect to achieve higher professional growth by the above standard program implementation and by the skills acquired
  • Successs and Exit Criteria will be defined both for the program
  • PgMP Online Video Training is included


For larger program implementation support or for commercial coaching, mentoring and support arrangements, contact us.


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