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(4th Ed) PgMP Onsite Training (USA)

Product Type : Onsite Training
Price : USD 1250
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  • Conditional Guarantee: Get Certified on 1st Attempt or 50% Monday Back
    • You will collaborate with Trainer who will guide you and support you for PgMP Application, Audit Support & Final Exam Preparation
    • Trainer will give you Green signal to go and take the exam (this will ensure you will pass in first and only attempt)
    • If you still fail in first attempt (highly unlikely) then get your 50% refund (No Questions Asked)
  • PgMP Question Bank with module practise tests and full tests (exam like simulation)
  • Access to Online Video Training Webinars
  • PgMP Application Preparation Worksheet Guide
  • PgMP Mathematical Formula Guide
  • Dedicated Certified Coach Assigned, who will guide you one on one, till you get Certified
  • Training Completion Certificate (35 PDUs)


You can choose to enroll to one of the following locations. Alternatively, check with support team if training can be organised in your city.

  • Seattle Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • San Francisco Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • Raleigh Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • Houston Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • Dallas Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • San Antonio Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • Denver Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • Boston Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • Chicago Times
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI
  • Los Angeles
    • 9am - 5pm MON to FRI

This training is divided into 5 x 7 hourly sessions and will span over 5 working days. After completion of the training, the same trainer will continue supporting each participants till each of them get certified.


  • Don't pay Over $2000. This training is one of the best Instructor Led PgMP Certification Classroom Trainings and still most affordable of them all.
  • No need to read SPM or ECO so many times anymore.
  • Highly Qualified PgMP Certified professionals.
  • Based on PMI's Latest 4th Edition of Standard for Program Management & PMI's Latest 2011 Edition of Examination Content Outline. All concepts & knowledge required to successfully achieve PgMP certification is covered in this course


  This course is divided in 9 detailed learning modules.

  • Module 0 - PgMP Certification Overview (This module will get your PgMP Application completed. Trainer will work individually with participants to get their Application completed and reviewed.)
  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - Program Performance Domains
  • Module 3 - Program Strategy Alignment
  • Module 4 - Program Benefits Management
  • Module 5 - Program Stakeholder Engagement
  • Module 6 - Program Governance
  • Module 7 - Program Life Cycle Management
  • Module 8 - Program Management Supporting Processes (This module is further divided in 3 parts)
    • Part 1 - Program Integration, Scope & Schedule Management Processes
    • Part 2 - Program Resource, Procurement, Quality & Risk Management Processes
    • Part 3 - Program Communication & Financial Management Processes
  • Module 9 - PgMP Examination Content Outline

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