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This PgMP Formulae Guide will help you in PgMP Final Exam Preparation. (Also PMP Exam Preparation.)

How should you make best use of it?

When you purchase PgMP Question Bank or Online Classroom (Virtual) Training or Onsite Classroom training, PMCerty trainer will work with you to get command on PgMP formulae and their application to Practise / Test Questions. In this process, this document will serve as a reference guide.

Note: Trainer support mentioned above is part of product purchase. No additional fees or charges applied.


This Application Preparation Worksheet will guide your PgMP Application preparation.

How should you make best use of it?

Get in touch with PMCerty trainer and discuss your situation with him. Based on your situation, Trainer will propose a schedule. Training schedule will have dates and tasks to be completed along with finalised source of the material. One of them is this Application Preparation Worksheet. Trainer will support you while you are working through it. Once completed, send it back to Trainer for his review and comments. Modify the worksheet and get final review from the trainer. Trainer will give green signal for the Application submission to PMI. Simply go to and submit your application.

Note:- Trainer support provided is obligation free. No fees or charges applied for the support provided by trainer.

This Application Preparation Worksheet will help you prepare your PfMP Application data.

How should you make best use of it?

Enter as much detail as you can into the preparation worksheet. Be consistent, accurate and thorough with your preparation data and details entered. If required refer to your previous PMI credential Applications (e.g. PMP, PgMP etc...). You can download your past PMP/PgMP Applications from For each contact manager referred in your application, be sure that they are aware and supportive. For Portfolio Experience Summary statements, read through Standard for Portfolio Management at least once. Be direct, logical, explicit and complete in your summary statement responses.

How to get PMCerty Trainer Support for Application Completion?

At any stage, if you need help from PMCerty Trainers, then simply add your query at and one of our trainers will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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