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Panel Review - One Major Reason Why So Many PgMP Applications Fail

Panel Review - One Major Reason Why So Many PgMP Applications Fail

25/11/2015 0

As you learnt in previous Posts, Panel Review is first Evaluation in PMI's PgMP (Program Management Professional) certification process.

When you submit your Application to PMI, along with your application, you are expected to submit your program management experience summary statements to prove your program management experience in each of the five performance domains. Approximately around 500 words or less each. This response is expected to follow PMI methodology.

Basically you are given two scenario Options per domain, out of which you have to choose one. Then you have to select one of the programs you have entered in the Application and respond to the chosen scenario for the selected program and proving your program management experience. You are expected to write in first person, describing what YOU did to address the situation.

Many professionals while preparing the Application, are still not aware of PMI's program management methodology and hence it is likely that their response doesn't closely follow PMI's methodology yet. Moreover, many professionals don't directly address the scenario and instead, write what they want to write about the program. Hence, chances of Panel Review failure increases.

Panel is formed of volunteered PgMPs, who are forwarded your program management experience summaries to review and evaluate your program management experience. Your identity information is not provided to the Panel to achieve unbiased outcome. 

Panel Review can take up to 4 weeks, but in most cases, results are out between 10 - 15 days. And as said earlier, make it easier for PMI and most likely outcome will be that PMI will make it easier for you.

At some point when you are ready for PgMP Application, download the Application Preparation Worksheet from this page, https://www.pmcerty.com/index.php?pid=cms&slug=freeresource

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