Take Up One Idea. Make That One Idea Your Life.

Think Of It, Dream Of It, And Live On That Idea.
Let The Brain, Muscles, Nerves, Every Part Of Your Body, Be Full Of That Idea.

And Just Leave Other Ideas Alone.
This Is The Way To Great Success..!
- Swami Vivekananda

Congratulations Mohamed on Achieving PgMP..!

Congratulations Mohamed on Achieving PgMP..!

16/03/2017 3

Congratulations Mohamed Seif On Achieving PgMP on 17th March, 2017..!


Great Success Becoming 9th Certified PgMP from Egypt.

We are Proud of You..!


Another Success Story At PMCerty.

Maintaining 100% PgMP Success Rate at PMCerty.



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  • MoDExperT


    Thank You, it was a pleasure having such good training that you provide. Thanks to Jitesh for his support and assistnt



    Thank you sir for your kind words. With Best Regards, Support Team - PMCerty E : support@pmcerty.com P : +61 2 8006 2020 W : www.PMCerty.com



    Congratulations Mohamed. What a success.! Even more meaningful when you are just 9th PgMP in entire country. And you achieved this so called "tough" credential in less than 1.5 month, proving your proficiency and command over program management. You made it look so easy to achieve. Proud of you my friend. I feel so proud and lucky to have joined you on this journey. Best learning for me through our collaboration is about how to execute in midst of pulling priorities. Thank you. Wish you all the success ahead. Keep in touch my friend.