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Why So Many Project Management Professionals Interested in PgMP Lately?

Why So Many Project Management Professionals Interested in PgMP Lately?

10/01/2017 0

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As of 3rd January, 2017, Total Number of Registered Certified PgMPs have Reached to 1793.

It is clear from the illustration above that, recently there are more and more Project Management Professionals qualifying themselves as Certified PgMPs. As I had mentioned in one of my previous articles that I do observe an increasing number of professionals interested in PgMP Certification. Here is the historical trend on timeline as a proof, telling similar story. 2016 maintained higher level momentum like 2015, than before. During 2016 almost double the professionals got PgMP Certified as compared to 2014 and similar to 2015 (Note that PgMPs get delayed couple of days before get registered in registry).

PMP was a differentiator before, it has now become a requirement. PgMP is a clear differentiator to stand out amongst other professionals and prove the proficiency of the field.

Read through this short post at that captures some of the benefits of being PgMP.

By the way, these statistics reflect those (tip of the iceberg) who eventually were successful in their pursuit, despite the fact that roughly one in two or two in three have been failing in their first attempt.

See different view points in illustrations below.