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PMI-ACP Certification - An Overview

07/12/2015 1

If you are planning to pursue PMI-ACP, then I suggest you simply go through this training on this page, https://www.pmcerty.com/index.php?pid=productdetail&proid=54

This PMCerty's PMI-ACP Training Course includes,

  • Over 17 Hours of Video Training Modules
  • Around 500 Questions to Practice (100 more will be added during December, 2015)
  • Exam Simulator to Practice Domain Questions or At the end, Attend 4 Full Tests (1 More will be added by December, 2015) for Exam Practice.
  • Receive 21 Hours Certificate of Training Completion which you can use for PMI-ACP Application against the requirement of 21 Contact Hours
  • Course Coverage Based on PMI's Latest Revised Course Content of PMI-ACP


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